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February 12, 2008


Tyrone Birkett

Hi Sheila, you forgot Michael Brecker's 2 awards. But I guess with all the Grammys he's won its redundant to mention. And this just shows what has become of the music industry when even WQCD can't stay on the air. What the nagging question is did Herbie win the Grammy or was it for Joni Mitchell?

Sheila Anderson

Yes, you made a good point about Michael Brecker. I would not say that his winning is "redundant" Yes, he was a good musician and I don't want to take that away from him but I can't help but think that his winning might have been due to his untimely death. And, given that Grammy's are awarded based on the voting members, you may be right, the vote was for Joni, not Herbie....Hmmmm.

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